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July 4th-12th, 2023

The 17th International CSA

Vienna, Prague, Terezin

20th century European Jewish history, Holocaust

and the Cold War

In July 2023, Centropa will bring 70 teachers from 17 countries to walk the streets of history, learn from scholars and journalists, and design cross-cultural projects for their students.


In Vienna, we will:

  • stand before the car Archduke Franz Ferdinand was riding in when he was assassinated in 1914 and engage with historians on the origins of the First World War

  • marvel at Gustav Klimt’s great gold painted masterpieces and discuss Vienna’s golden age

  • take walking tours through Vienna’s Jewish quarter while listening to podcasts of Kindertransport refugees who fled for their lives and discuss with historians the Holocaust in Vienna

  • attend Friday evening sabbath services in Vienna’s grand Stadttempel, which turns 200 in 2023.

In Prague we will:

  • tour the synagogues of the Jewish Museum

  • visit the old Jewish cemetery and the ’new’ Jewish cemetery, where Franz Kafka is buried

  • engage with historians about the Cold War and  the fall of Communism

In Terezin we will:

  • use Centropa’s new walking tour app in which 20 survivors of Terezin will paint an audio picture of what it was like to live in this hellish place

  • discuss how to use Centropa’s Terezin stories in your classroom

  • learn about the children of Terezin and how they fought back in the only way they could: with poetry and art

  • meet with renowned conductor Murry Sidlin and the team of the Defiant Requiem Foundation and learn how to use this remarkable program in your classroom

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