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CSA 2023

Program and Schedule

Please note: We will continually update the program as it develops.

Tuesday, July 4

11:30pm              Summer Academy registration opens at the Diplomatic Academy

1:30pm                Official beginning of the Summer Academy & welcome remarks from the Centropa team

2:00pm                Veteran teacher presentation: What you take can away from the Summer Academy

2:15pm                 Ice-breaker activity

3:00pm                Coffee Break

3:30pm                Initial elective meetings: international participants meet and discuss creative projects                                     involving the Kindertransports, Youth Diaries of the Holocaust, Stepping into the Future                                 with Empathy refugee project, and cross-cultural projects, among others (Electives)

4:30pm                Screening and brief discussion of Centropa’s Film: Vienna, its Jews and the 20th                                                Century, introduced by Edward Serotta

5:00pm                Bus departs to hotel. Those who have not yet checked in will do so now.


6:45pm                Meet in lobby

7:00pm                Dinner at restaurant nearby

Wednesday, July 5

8:30am                Leave for the Belvedere Museum

9:00am                Guided tour of the Upper Belvedere focusing on the paintings of Gustav Klimt

10:30am             Walk to the Museum of Military History

11:00pm             Visit of the Museum of Military History  

11:45pm             Departure

12:30pm             Lunch at the Diplomatic Academy joined by special guests

2:00pm               Screening of Centropa's film: Jewish Soldiers in the Austro-Hungarian Army

2:15pm               Historian Philipp Blom on Vienna and Europe, at the turn of the 20th century. Followed                                   by Q&A. 

3:15pm               Coffee break

3:45pm              Marketplace of ideas

4:45pm              Reflection session

5:00pm              Workshop session: group work on lesson plans and joint educational projects

6:00pm              Free evening in Vienna

Thursday, July 6

7:45am               Meet in lobby 


8:00am               Depart for bus tour of Jewish Vienna

8:45am               Guided walking tour of Jewish Vienna

10:15am             Guided tour of the Jewish Museum of Vienna, followed by time to explore the museum                                    individually

11:30am              Depart for conference venue

12:30pm              Lunch at Diplomatic Academy sponsored by Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander                                               Schallenberg

1:30pm                Meeting with survivors

2:30pm               Panel discussion: "Teaching and Facing the Holocaust in Austria" with Hannah Lessing,                                    Moritz Wein and Patrick Siegele 

3:30pm               Reflection session              


3:45pm.              Coffee break

4:15 pm              Workshop session (Elective)

6:00pm              Free evening in Vienna

Friday, July 7

9:00am               Deep dive into Centropa's resources and website and Using Centropa’s Content in Your                                   Classroom: a look into our websites on 1938 in Austria, the Kindertransport, and 10                                           Vienna Stories, along with our podcast series “9 November 1938”

9:45am               Teacher panel discussion: "How the Holocaust is taught in our countries"

10:45am             Coffee break

11:15am             Screening and discussion of Centropa's film The Past is Another Country   

12:15pm             Lunch 

1:15pm               Presentation by Ukrainian teachers: "Teaching (Jewish History) in Times of War"                                                followed by Q&A

2:00pm              Elective group work

3:15pm               Free time to explore Vienna before Shabbat

6:00pm              Shabbat service and dinner 

Saturday, July 8

8:00am             Latest check-out of hotel

8:15am              Buses depart

10:45am            Arrive in Trebic. Free time for individual exploration, including the synagogue

12:45pm            Buses depart

3:45pm              Hotel check-in

4:30pm              Meet in lobby. Walking tour of Stare Miesto with focus on 1989 and the Velvet Revolution

6:00pm              Free evening

Sunday, July 9

9:00am               Meet in lobby. Tour of the synagogues, exhibitions and cemetery of the Prague Jewish                                    Museum

12:30pm             Lunch 

1:30pm               Lecture by Prof. Michal Frankl "Jews in Bohemian Lands: A Migration History?"

2:30pm               Screening of the Centropa film Dagmar Lieblova, From Bohemia to Belsen and Back

3:00pm               Reflection session


3:15pm               Coffee break

3:45pm               Group work (Elective)


5:00pm               Free evening

Monday, July 10

7:30am               Bus transfer to Terezin Memorial

9:15am               Guided tour through the Small Fortress

10:45am             Buses depart to Hamburg Barracks

11:00am             Introduction to the Hamburg Barracks and reading of Centropa biographies

11:30am             Exploring the Barracks individually with list of tasks (boxed lunch provided)

2:00pm               Coffee break

2:45pm               Workshop by The Defiant Requiem Foundation: Jewish prisoners in Terezin performing                                 Verdi’s Defiant Requiem


4:55pm               Buses depart for guided tour

5:00pm               Guided tour through crematorium and cemetery

6:15pm               Bus transfer to Prague

7:30pm               Dinner

Tuesday, July 11

9:00am               Reflection session on visit to Terezín

10:00am             Meeting with a survivor of the Terezín Ghetto

10:45am             Coffee break

11:15pm              Regional group work        

12:30pm             Lunch

2:00pm               Quiz on 20th century European history


2:45pm               Elective groups finalize lesson plans 

3:30pm               Coffee break

4:00pm               Presentation of lesson plans

5:15 pm               Photo slideshow of the CSA and wrap-up

6:00pm               Departure for dinner


6:30pm               Final Dinner

Wednesday, July 12

Day of depature

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